Poltys Call Centre Record Pro


In today’s world, voice security is very important, especially if you’re a financial institution, legal group, medical facility, service company or any other type of business with the necessity to record calls.

Poltys understand that every company has different voice recording needs. That’s why their applications and professional services combine to offer you a complete affordable recording solution tailored specifically to your organisation.

Trunk Side Recording

Whether it’s digital, like a PRI or SIP line, or an analog line, line based call recording contains two tables that narrow the focus of the call recording target. The tables provided are an extension DID exclusion table used on PRI or SIP line types. A transfer exclusion table is also provided and used in both analog and digital lines.

Extension Side Recording

Extension based call recording will capture all the calls at the targeted extension including intercom calls. You can easily search for a recording by extension, date and time, line number, caller ID information (CLI), calling name, and many other fields. Recordings can be saved in .wav format and can be played in the default audio player. 

Optional Desktop Assistant

With Poltys’ optional Desktop Assistant, the unique call recording record locator can be placed into a CRM application for later referral. The desktop assistant also provides users with highlight and dial out functionality as well as pop screen integration to third party applications. It is currently compatible with Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, ACT 2012, Maximizer, Tigerpaw, Generic SQL Data, or virtually any custom CRM system. 

With CCRecord Pro, you can record approximately 17,000 hours of voice calls on a 500 GB Drive.

Poltys Call Centre Record Pro


  • Improve Customer service levels
  • Protect against liability issues
  • Monitor employee customer relationships
  • Improved employee performance
  • Proactive agent training
  • Reduce customer disputes
  • Call quality control
  • Avoid the “he said/she said” dispute Improved understanding of customer needs
  • Improve collection rates, sales, and other performance metrics
  • Archive recorded calls
  • Email recorded calls
  • Can be combined with CCView Call Center Applications
  • Compatible with Panasonic KX-TDA/TDE/NCP/NS IP-PBXs

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