SIP Service Solutions

Session Initiation Protocol

Need your existing phone system to work smarter and harder? Unlock the performance you want, for lower costs, with our SIP solutions.

Making business communications smarter

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) transmits calls over the internet, along with everything else you use your broadband connection for. This opens the door to a host of opportunities, including:

  • Very competitive call rates
  • Sending emails, live video, and images from a desk phone.
  • High-definition digital audio calling

We specialise in customised IP telephony solutions for business. Our consultative approach ensures we understand your needs and design bespoke solutions fit for your circumstances.

SIP Service Solutions

The benefits of SIP services from Palebeck

An array of service benefits

Upgrading to SIP trunks and channels (virtual ‘lines’ to and from your premises) removes limitations imposed by traditional telephone connections, offering a range of improvements.

Lower Costs

SIP trunking removes telephone line rental costs and inflexible tariffs levied by telephone service providers. The need to pay expensive fees to install additional lines is also eliminated.


IP-based phone services allow the addition of line capacity quickly, without the need for disruptive and expensive works. Orders can often be completed within one working day.

Flexible Features

The technology behind SIP allows smaller businesses to mix enterprise-grade call features, such as teleconferencing and call forwarding, with modern media elements like video streaming and email.


SIP lets you keep numbers tied to your business. If you move offices, you won’t need a new number. Flexible routing also allows landline calls to be redirected to a mobile when you’re away.

By using an internet connection to share voice and data, the need for physical wiring is significantly reduced. Long lead times associated with phone system installations are also a thing of the past.

IP telephony is only as good as the broadband connection it runs on. Our custom-designed network has been built with multiple redundancy measures and an optimal connection to the internet.

Because our network is self-designed, we fully understand its behaviour and technical demands. And with no intermediaries to deal with, we also exert greater control over the quality of the connection.

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